I bring 25 years IT business application experience to help your business implement and use the applications it needs to be more efficient and reduce your workload. This frees you to focus on doing what you do best to make your business grow.

Business Applications

Different business require different software applications and they are very cost conscious.  I recommend and supply “Open Source” or free applications and charge only for the support.  These applications include;

  • Point of Sale software
  • Accounting and inventory control
  • Office Programmes (word processors, spreadsheets, email, calendars etc)
  • Project Management software
  • Operating Systems ( that compete with Windows)
  • Document management software
  • Many others

I say again, these applications are free. I only charge for any business and application consultancy you may need.

Business Hardware

For your applications to work, you need reliable hardware.  I offer the following hardware business services.

  • Breakdown support
  • Hardware tuning
  • Equipment consultancy and discount purchase
  • Business connectivity
  • Disaster recovery and backups

Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free initial consultation to businesses prior to, wherever possible, fixing the price for any work to be done.